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The United States

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The Rest of the World

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Fly the friendly skies
trespassing at Frank's house

cinnamon pink

Sitting by the pee shore and minor reptile injuries
Tripping the light Universal
Tripping the light Universal - part II
Orlando Roadtrip part II

Pharaohs curse in Iowa

North Carolina
Nine states in Fifteen hours - Day 1

New Jersey
Nine states in Fifteen hours - Day 4, part I

New York
Nine states in Fifteen hours - Day 2 & 3

If I don't breath in - I won't become one of them...
Ohio conversations

Goodbye Cincinnati
Charity in a strange land
Fitting into the really big chair

South Carolina
Nine states in Fifteen hours - Day 1

Chattanooga Update part II
Part III
don't ask if you don't want to know

Nine states in Fifteen hours - Day 4, part II

Washington DC
Prepubescent mindfuck in our nation's museum

Everywhere else

The humiliating fact is, I haven't been anywhere
outside the continent of North America.
Below is the checklist for what I imagine to be the most
sublime places on the planet and my grandest intentions are
to go there and confirm my suspicions.

#1 Bosco dei Mostri (Bosco Sanco) Garden of the Monsters or The Sacred Grove - Bomarzo, Italy
#2 Daibutsu in Kamakura (The Giant Buddha) - Kamakura, Japan
#3 Mosaico di Nettuno e di Anfitrite (Mosaic of Neptune and Anfitrite) - Herculaneum, Italy
#4 The Nunnery and Cenoté - Chichén Itzá, Mexico
#5 Temple of Amon - Karnak, Egypt
#6 Taj Mahal - Agra, India
#7 Giant turtles - Galapagos Islands
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